TimeTrack - Professional Attendance & Payroll Software

 TimeTrack is a highly user definable attendance & payroll application which allows the users to set policies according to their organization’s rules.  With over 10 years of experience and 4000+ installations our software has all the features to satisfy your requirements. 

One edition – Premier Edition

We have only ONE edition – the premier edition which contains all the features available in the software. There are no standard & sub-standard editions with some missing features. There is an optional web-based Employee Self-service module and a SAAS module which can be opted by users. With our 10 years of experience, our attendance software is a highly flexible package that will fulfill even the most demanding rules and regulations of companies. An example would be our Shift Time menu which has over 20+ optional parameters which can be user configured.

Payroll Fully Integrated with Attendance

Since our payroll, is highly integrated with our Attendance System all attendance related components like late come, absence, overtime can be fine tuned to a greater extent. We believe the each customers needs are unique and that philosophy would be reflected in our design. Our Report Planner / Letter Planner designers can provide you the exact report needed by you in the format you decide.

Employee Information System

Attendance Management

Overtime Management

Leave Management

Compensatory Off (COFF) Management

Web based Attendance & Leave

Report & Letter Planners

SQL Query Planner

Automated Email

Supports All models of Hardware

Payroll – Allowances, Deductions & Reimbursements.

  • Personnel Information Module
    • Comprehensive personnel information management with over 100 types of information grouped into meaningful tabs
      • Main Company Particulars
      • Employee Personal Information
        • Address 
        • Qualification / Experience
      • Health Related Information 
      • Accounting
      • Insurance and other details
      • Remarks entry
      • User defined Information entry
  • Payroll Module

    • Flexibility to have only the Basic Salary or 100’s of payroll components. 
    • Fully integrated with our Attendance System and salary can be deducted for even few Minutes of late come. 
    • Weekly, fortnightly & periodic payroll 
    • PF, ESIC and Professional tax Calculations and Statutory Forms 
    • User Designable Pay slip, Pay register and other reports. 
    • Import data from EXCEL/CSV files for easy implementation 
    • Loan & Advance Management 
      • Unlimited user definable loans and advances. 
      • Tightly Integrated with payroll 
      • Periodic Auto recovery of deductions with manual overrides 
      • Reports including loans recovery, pending, paid and other user definable reports & Statements. 
    • Pay slip and non-pay slip components 
    • Lock/Freeze facility to avoid changes once the data is finalized. 
    • Salary Reports 
      • User definable reports with just one line of Basic Salary or reports with 2 pages of salary and attendance information can be designed. 
      • Auto emailing of these reports with company logo to all employees. 
      • Cash payments and Bank Transfer lists 
      • YTD summary and detailed statements. 
  • Attendance Module

    • Directly works with all major OEM readers. (free integration to any non-integrated readers) 
    • Multiple Shifts with fully flexible Late/Early slabs 
    • Night shifts are handled flawlessly. 
    • Auto penalties based on set late come & early go rules 
  • Overtime Module

    • Auto / Manual overtime 
    • Tightly integrated with Payroll 
  • Leave Module
    • Unlimited number of custom leave types 
    • 20 types of leave conditions for each leave.
    • Leave  controls 
    • Auto leave deduction based on absenteeism 
    • Auto leave deductions based on late come & early go
    • Carry forward of utilized leaves 
    • Leave Encashment 
  • COFF Module
    • Compensatory Off credits based on overtime logic 
    • Overtime can be different for each shift & group of employees 
    • 100% flexible COFF credit setup. 
  • HR Letter Module

    • Create multiple templates for Joining Letters, reliving letters, Birthday letters, Salary slips, Absenteeism letters etc. 
    • Pick up any information from attendance (whole month more than 5 times late), integrate it with employee information and auto email the reports 
  • Email Module
    • Standard Employee based reports & user defined reports can be auto emailed to individual employees. 
  • Integration with ERP 
    • Reports can be designed using our report planner & letter planner (CSV, EXCEL and other flat file) and those reports can be generated for importing to your ERP sofftware 
  • Reimbursement Module

    • User Definable Components: You have the option to create multiple user defined tables and actual expenses like Fuel, Outstation expenses and other deduction can be entered. 
    • Included in Payroll or Separate: These components can be included as a part of payroll or can be used to generate additional reports for separate reimbursement 
  • User Rights & Audit Trails  
    • Independent user rights for each menu and each operation inside the menu. That is some will have only view rights & some others can have edit rights too.
    • All actions done by the user are permanently stored for audit trails 
  • Payroll Reports

    • There are over 100+ pre-designed reports and with our Report planner, Letter Planner and SQL Query planner you can design another 100 or more. You think of some information you need and it would be available in our software as a standard report or it can be taken from our Report/Letter/SQL Planners. 
Absence N Days, Absent Dates List (Full Days), Absent Dates List (All), Absent With Punch, Absent – NoPunch, Absence – Continuous, Absenteeism Confirmation
Punch Report, Punch Report (ODD), Punch All, Punch-Manual, Punch Movement Report, Punch Movement Report-AllDays, Punch Movement Report-IO, Punch Report (Half), Punch (Tabular), Punch Occurrence, Punch Occurrence – Details, Punch Report Location (reader) wise
Break-Details, Break-Daily Summary, Break Summary, Break-Summary(Lunch), Break Deviation Details
Muster Roll – Daily, Muster Roll – Period , Muster (Options)
OT Listing EmpWise, OT EmpWise Summary, OT Periodical, OT Against Extra, OT Greater Than, OT Analysis, OT Summary DeptWise, OT Against AbsLeave 
Query Employee, Physically Present, Physi. Present-Time, Physi.Present Time-Details, Attendance Summary, Irregularities, Irregularities-Periodical, Shift Attendance, Shifts Assigned Report, RestDay On Holiday, Status On Holiday
Actual Work, Actual Work Over Time, Actual Work Late, Actual Work Over Late, Slab Work, Slab Work Over, Slab Work Late, Slab Work Over Late Report.
Gate Pass (All), Gate Pass (Official), Gate Pass (Un-Official) Report.
LeaveBook-Yearly, LeaveRegister, LeaveInfo, Leave Balance (ALL), Leave Balance, LeaveEncashment, Leave & Present
Late Come With WT, Late Come-Occasion (Actuals), Late Come-Occasion (Slab), Early Go-Occasion (Actuals), Early Go-Occasion (Slab), Late Come Actuals(Concise), Early Go-Actuals(Concise), Late Come EarlyGo, Late Come Actuals, Late Come-Slab, Early Go-Actuals, Early Go-Slab.
Month wise Absentee Report, Month wise Presentee Report, Man Power Report, Man Power Report-Daily , Attendance Report Yearly, Monthly Adjustment List-All, Working Details Dept – Summary, Working Details Dept – One Punch, Working Details Dept Wise, Working Details Emp Wise, Working Details Category, Month Wise Status Report, Employees – Joined & Left, Employees – Joined, Employees – Left
Professional Tax Summary, Department Summary, PF Form3 A, Provident FUnd Form 6A, PF Form 12A, PF Challan, PF Form5, PF Form10, PF Summary, PF Reconciliation, ESIC Form 6, ESIC Employee, ESIC Challan, Advance Payments, Advance Deductions, Advance-ALL, Leave With Wages,PF Contribution, Emp Summary Monthly, Emp Statement, Summary Detailed User definable Reports Payslip, Bank Statement, Cash / Cheque / DD Statement, Loans & Advances Statement, Loan Installment Paid and Balance Statement, Bonus Statement.

Our Standard Reports added to the Report / Letter Planner & the SQL Query Planner provides a full gamut of information to the users on what all they need from an Attendance / Payroll Application.