Cloud Based Enterprise Solutions for Companies with Branch Offices - Automated Branches


Do you have multiple branches at different locations ?
Is it tiresome to educate the multiple users and get the punch data in time ??

NO Static IP – No Live Internet. 

Presenting TimeTrack Automated for branch offices. Install our special client edition at the branches, set up our cloud details and that is it.You will have your punch data of all branches at your HO without any user intervention.

Our Cloud Based Enterprise services offers two way synchronization of Employees and RFID Cards / Finger Print templates across the whole network of Factories and Offices. Register the finger print once and the same can be uploaded to all the applicable branches / Head office.

Punch information will be auto-download

Sync the Employee Masters

Sync Finger Print template & RFID Cards

No need for Servers, Static IPs and Always-On Internet Connection

Simultaneous view of Punch Information at HO & Branch offices

Automated emailing of daily Reports
  • Cloud Based Enterprise Services offer the facility to Register once and sync the Finger Print template across different branches.
  • Punch/Log data would be auto-pushed from the branch offices to the Head office
  • Master data would be auto synchronized between the Head office and branch offices. [optional]
  • Add a new employee in the HO and register his finger. The employee master information is automatically updated in the Branch office software. [optional]
  • The Employees Finger Print template is also automatically updated in the Branch office Finger Print Reader. The same happens in reverse also (based on user rights) [optional]
  • A cost effective solution that works without the need for Servers, Static IPs and Always-On Internet Connection. No need for specialized Readers with Static IP 
  • No user interaction and training needed at the Branch offices. The Punch information will be auto-download at the branch offices and pushed to the HO automatically.
  • In case it is needed the Punch information can be simultaneously Auto-processed at the branch office as well as the head office. 
  • Basic punch reports or absentee/late exception reports auto-emailed to the concerned departments. These can be scheduled shift wise.[optional]