What we Do

We are solution providers in the field of AIDC using RFID, Finger Print, Face Recognition & NFC Readers.

We develop applications for Desktop, Web, Tablet & Mobile devices.

Our flagship product TimeTrack which has a 10+ years history of satisfied customers is a premier Attendance & Payroll software that is fine tuned to perfection. Our software is being used by over 5000 licensed customers and we are adding 100 to 150 installations per month.

Apart from Attendance & Payroll, we also have applications for Visitor Pass Management, Canteen Management, Bank Locker Room Access etc.

Recently we have implemented applications for the Web, Tablets and Mobile. MenuDroid – Our Andorid based Restaurant menus is a hit with our customers and we are fine tuning it for the general market. We believe Android Applications are the future and our expert team is working on bring our applications to mobile and cloud.

Using USB Finger Printer Readers like DP 4500 (Digital Persona) we have developed many customized applications for accessing Bank lockers, Visitor/Event Management, Loyalty Cards and managing Contract Employees.

We also do other customized applications for our SMB clients based on Finger Print, RFID Readers and NFC Cards.